Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald
Kanji リー·ハーヴェイ·オズワルド
Romaji Ri^ · Ha^vei · Ozuwarudo
Alias Oswald
Birth October 18, 1939
Death November 24, 1963
Age 24 (deceased)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Family Marina Prusakova (wife)
Occupation Billy Bat Mascot (former)
Affiliation Billy Land (former)
First Appearance

Lee Harvey Oswald (リー·ハーヴェイ·オズワルド, Ri^ · Ha^vei · Ozuwarudo), or Oswald, is the person suspected to be the assassin of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.


When working at "Billy Land" he had a vision of the Bat asking him if he wanted to be this Country's Next Hero. The Bat ordered him to protect Kevin for the sake of mankind. Later in JFK Assassination he actually wasn't the murderer. At the time JFK was shot he was at the library building with Jackie, but in the end he accepted to become the scapegoat instead.