Kiyoshi Kurusu
Kanji 来栖
Romaji Kiyoshi Kurusu
Alias Kurusu
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender male
Nationality Japanese
Family Kurusu family
First Appearance

Kurusu or "Curse" (来栖 Kurusu?) is a mysterious character and an antagonist of the series. He works for "East Asian Industries". He later is known as Finney partner to search The Ancient Text. He and Finney presumably are the mastermind on Shimoyama incident and JFK Assassination. He is the actual man that is mentioned in Zōfū's manga as "Karate Chop Man".

Background Edit

The date of his birth is uknown, although it can be speculated that he was born around the 1910s, since he attended the elementary school in 1923.

It is shown (much later in the story) that he had gone through the traumatic childhood, being bullied by his peers in neighbourhood who constantly sweared at him, calling him "red" or "unpatriotic brat". Kurusu would often get beaten up.

Kurusu's father was an activist (most likely a part of the Red Wave Society) in then-extremely conservative Japan. Hence the insult "red". Eventually, his father ended up being tortured and murdered by the special higher police that had been hanging around the area for quite a while. Young Kiyoshi felt awfully betrayed after witnessing his mother getting laid by the man (a police officer), the two had just recently met near their house, the previous day. Kiyoshi went on to wander around the town and tumbled into the bat, when hearing strange whisper. The bat that was drawn on a telephone pool directed him to check the house nearby and Kiyoshi there for the first time, met a burly man with a bat drawn on his chest. The man is revealed to be Shishou. Shishou tells him about the power of the white bat but also warns him about the consequences. Shishou then heads for United States.

A day later, Kiyoshi carries out the job, the bat told him in subconsciousness. He conveyed a message to a man (his mother slept with), telling that there is going to be a communist party meeting at the house. He is also told by the bat, not to go to school nor to go home, but to spend that day, September 1st of 1923 (the starting day of school season) on the open field, away from the town. When the group of capitalists from the special police rushed into the house from ambush, a great earthquake has begun wreaking havoc. And young Kiyoshi - standing on the top of a hill - was watching the whole scenery of his hometown turning into a gross cluster. According to Kiyoshi, he was able to got revenge for his father.

Trivia Edit

  • Kurusu strongly resembles the man to the left of Oswald as he was being interviewed by reporters.
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