Gary Devivie
Detective Devivie
Gender Male
Family Cissy Devivie (wife), Henry Charles Devivie (son)
Occupation Detective
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 78

Detective Gary Devivie is a New York Detective. He is searching for the Billy Bat creator Zofu. When Gary was just a child, his father left for Japanese-American woman leaving his mother as his only family before a police officer taken him as his son. He was later adopted by the Devive family. On the ouside he seems to be a kind-hearted detective with a great sense of duty, but in reality he is a mentally unstable sociopath with deep hatred for the Asian people. Near the end of his career, he succumbed to his madness and became a serial killer who cuts down his victims from behind with a katana and later confuse the police force with his "investigations." He willingly kills anyone who comes close to the truth, including his own pregnant wife, Cissy. Before he could attempt on Cissy's life, however, he was caught from behind by Shishou and got strangled to death, ending his killing spree for good. Alas, Shishou did not survive the encounter as he got stabbed through the stomach by Gary's katana and thus fulfilling the prediction of his own death.